Terms of Service

How to place an order at Cosmic Toys

✔ Add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart.
✔ Go through the checkout process.
✔ Payment will be requested via PayPal, or credit/debit card payment direct merchant account).
✔ If you have ordered multiple items the site may overcharge you for shipping. Seller will make partial refund (when applicable) after shipment.
✔ Orders/Payments received by 9 PM Eastern Time (6 PM Pacific Time) will usually ship next business day. Orders/Payments received after 9 PM Eastern Time will usually ship on the 2nd business day. From March 1 through Oct 31, orders ship 3 times a week (but not on postal holidays). Orders with large number of items may incur additional delay.

1. General Terms for all Buyers.
► All items listed for sale are sold on a first come, first served basis. Certain items may be listed on multiple venues. If multiple orders arrive for the same item, the earliest order number gets preference. Conflicting orders, where stock exhausted, may have to be amended or canceled.
► Shipping costs are shown for shipping a single item to a US destination (i.e. USPS Priority or First Class mail). Shipping to any other destinations, or via other methods (i.e. Express Mail) will incur additional shipping costs which are not reflected on the web site.
► Sellers responsibility is to correctly fill the order, correctly address the order, and present it to the post office with the correct postage. Seller is not responsible for mishandling by the post office (e.g. loss, damage, etc). Indemnity (if any) is limited to that provided by the USPS. Some classes of shipment provide no indemnity.
► Seller is not responsible for any typos/errors in item description, prices, etc. When such an error is discovered, seller will correct the error, cancel the associated order, and notify the buyer of the situation.
► All shipments will contain an invoice, showing who the actual seller was, and amounts paid. I do not offer paperwork free shipments.
► All shipments will be shipped to the address as supplied/approved by the payment service. If you need shipping to a different address (e.g. for a gift), please read the FAQ concerning 'How do I ship to a Gift Address'.
► No PayPal eCheck payments.
► No sales to resellers.
► For an explanation of exterior LEGO box condition(s), and policy, please see the FAQ.

2. Terms specific to US buyers shipping to US addresses.
► PayPal ships to the PayPal 'Seller Protection Address' only.
► Orders paid via credit/debit (other than with PayPal) will ship to the billing address only. If you enter a gift address the order will be refused, and the payment refunded. This policy is in effect to prevent fraudulent use of credit cards via the gift address feature.
► If you need shipping to a Gift Address, please see the FAQ for instructions. Any order that arrives with two different addresses will be refused.
► Express Mail orders must arrive by 10 AM Eastern Time (with payment no later than 11 AM Eastern Time) to get same day shipping.

3. Terms for Buyers outside of USA and/or shipping to non-US addresses.
► Non-US orders must be placed thru a freight consolidator / payment clearing service, such as MyUS.com, AccessUSA, etc. No direct payments to the seller from non-US payment sources.

4. Handling fees.
► US First Class and Priority Mail - included in basic shipping rated quoted on the item
► US Express Mail - $10.00 handling fee (includes same day cartage to the post office)
► Expedited orders (all destinations) - $10.00 handling fee
► International orders - $5.00 handling fee.

5. Returns/Cancellations/Recalls.
► All Sales are Final. No returns.
► Order cancellation will NOT be honored after ANY of the following: electronic postage generated, item has been packed for shipment, item is en-route to post office, buyer's card was charged. Request for order cancellation should be made immediately after order is placed (15 minutes maximum).
► Orders which have shipped, and are returned by the post office due to customer supplying a non-current/incomplete address: see #6 below.

6. Restocking Fees/Refunds.
► If a shipment is returned by a customer, despite the "No Returns" policy in #5, the following restocking fees will apply:
► For a return, where the customer has accepted the package, opened the package, examined the item and not altered the original condition, then decided they no longer want the item, a 50% restocking will apply.
► For a package refusal (either actively refused or passively refused, i.e. Unclaimed or Bad Address), a restocking fee of 30%-50% will apply depending on the condition of the package when returned to shipper.
► Minimum restocking fee, for any reason, is $15.
► Any item returned, which is not in the same condition at the time as when it shipped, will generate NO refund.
► Any item returned, more than seven (7) days after delivery, will generate NO refund.
► No refund of any shipping charges, in either direction.

✔ Seller reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.

✔ Resolve all questions before placing this order. Once you place this order, you have committed to the sellers terms and to making full and appropriate payment.

✔ If you have any questions, please contact the seller before placing the order. Do not place an order just to find out the shipping costs, use "Ask Seller A Question" button instead.